Jessi Has The Most Savage Response To Rapper Dok2 Proclaiming To Be The Best Rapper At Recent K-Pop Festival

Queen Jessi isn’t afraid to speak the truth!

When it comes to K-Pop idols who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, one person that netizens always think about is Jessi. Since debuting, the soloist has not only gained attention for her “IDGAF” attitude but is also never afraid to hit back at people she believes are in the wrong.

Recently, the idol gained attention after showcasing that attitude during a festival in the UK.

K-Pop soloist Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Artists from across K-Pop recently went to London to perform at the MIK festival. Over the two days, idols and rappers performed at Southwark Park both on the K-Pop and HipHop day.

MIK Festival lineup

The idol recently stole the show after appearing on the HipHop day of the recent MIK Festival. Jessi loved interacting with the crowds, and it wasn’t surprising that netizens were obsessed with her.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram

She also caught the attention of fans for her unconventional fashion as she finally joined the newest “under boob” trend that has been sweeping K-Pop.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Yet, she also gained attention for her reaction to some words from rapper Dok2 earlier in the festival. During his set, Dok2 spoke to the crowd and tried to hype them up by saying, “I don’t care who performs before me or after, I rap better than everybody. Let’s f**king go.” 

| @Hwiyoungyeehaws/Twitter 

Of course, it’s a bold statement on a day that saw artists such as Epik High, Loco, and PH-1, alongside Jessi. Although many netizens took offense, it seems like Jessi did as well and wasn’t afraid to call out the rapper during her own set.

There’s a lot of good artists coming out tonight, today’s Hip Hop night right? We got a lot, we got some Jay Park, we got some Loco, we got Lee Hi…

— Jessi

| @intojessi/Twitter  

Yet, as much as netizens loved seeing Jessi hype up the other artists, it was the dig at Dok2 at the end of her speech that caught the attention of the crowd. After listing some of her besties, Jessi added, “The f**k is Dok2 talking about?”

| @intojessi/Twitter 

When the clip was shared on social media, it quickly gained praise as netizens applauded Jessi for her response. During a show full of talented artists, many couldn’t believe that someone like Dok2 could make such a statement, especially to a crowd who paid for all the acts.

Many even noticed that after the show, Jessi liked and commented on all the Instagram posts about the event from the other artists from that day, all except Dok2’s images.

Jessi has never been afraid to call out those she believes are in the wrong, even if it included her former P NATION CEO PSY, after having the funniest reaction to someone explaining that he didn’t like her dressing in revealing clothes.

Although Dok2 might have thought he was being witty and “Hip Hop” by dissing the other artists, many netizens found it disrespectful and loved that Jessi called him out for it.

You can read more about Jessi making a statement at MIK Festival below.

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Source: @intojessi