Jessi And SHINee’s Key Are Incredibly Similar, And Here’s The Proof

They would be the most iconic pair of BFFs!

SHINee‘s Key recently appeared on Jessi‘s Showterview, and the two realized they have a lot in common!

Jessi and SHINee’s Key | @intojessi/Twitter

As Jessi interviewed Key, she revealed that she likes that his personality is similar to hers. She said Key is “very honest” and “he never fakes things.”

| Mobidic/YouTube 

Key agreed with Jessi and said that being dishonest is not his style.

Their similarities don’t end there! Throughout the interview, the two discovered they had much more in common.

When Jessi asked if Key knew what Showterview‘s “Real Close-Up Interview” segment was, Key pretended that he did and Jessi jokingly called him out on it. She said experienced K-Pop idols like she and Key tend to answer interviewers’ questions without thinking, and she added their tendency to answer right away to their growing list of similarities.

The two also bonded over their sense of humor and energetic personalities.

They discovered they both prefer eating after scheduled appearances to eating before them.

They both see afterimages and bump into stationary objects after having multiple camera flashes go off in their faces on the red carpet.

They both take “guess that dance” games really seriously and hate losing.

They both love spending lazy days at home when they have free time.

Jessi even said she wanted to hang out at home with Key later to chat more!

Clearly, these two have lots in common!

See the full Showterview episode below.