Jessi Didn’t Know She Was Being Replaced By Sunmi On “Showterview,” But Her Reaction Showcases Her True Personality

She actually found out through a fan!

Since debuting, K-Pop soloist Jessi has always gained attention for her no-nonsense, blunt, and charismatic personality. Despite the expectations from Korean society, she has always stayed true to herself and proved her worth through her music and other projects that have captured the hearts of netizens.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

In particular, one project that Jessi did that captured the hearts of netizens was her online web series called Showterview.

Jessi promo shot for “Showterview” | Mobidic/YouTube

Each weekly episode would have guests from the world of Korean entertainment, and she would be uncensored when speaking to them about their projects. Not only was it always hilarious but Jessi never failed to make her guests feel comfortable while exploring topics of all ranges.

| Mobidic/YouTube
| Mobidic/YouTube  

So, when it was announced earlier in the year that it had aired its last episode, everyone was very upset. Yet, netizens were shocked when it was recently announced that Showterview was coming back! But rather than Jessi, it would be hosted by fellow K-Pop soloist Sunmi.

Sunmi will be taking over “Showterview” | @miyayeah/Instagram

Of course, netizens were sad to see Jessi not returning to the show and wondered why it was the case. However, it seems that Jessi wasn’t even aware of the change in casting and actually found out through fans on social media.

After the announcement was made, netizens commented on Jessi’s posts to share their sadness. When one said how much they were going to miss her, the soloist replied, “Didn’t know. But good luck to them.”

The comment was shocking in itself as many thought Jessi would’ve been the first to know or maybe had turned down another series. In fact, she seemed to have no idea the show was returning and that she wouldn’t be part of it.

Although Jessi seemed quite blunt, the idol recently addressed the issue on an Instagram live as many thought she was resentful towards new host Sunmi. During the live, Jessi explained that she was being honest and that she was happy for Sunmi.

I am in a place right now, and this is from the bottom of my heart, like there’s no point for me to bulls**t about anything. I really wish the best for Sunmi.

— Jessi

She explained that after the show ended, there were no certainties about the future of Showterview. Yet, she seemed rightly nostalgic as she reminisced on the show and explained that the station brought it back, just without her.

I took a break. We weren’t sure if we were going to come back or not, most likely we weren’t. But, nothing was finalized, but I guess someone, my friend Sunmi, they replaced me.

— Jessi

Jessi then shared that she understood that fans might find it weird, especially considering how unique and unbothered the idol’s approach was to the show. Jessi even revealed that she was given a script but threw it out of the window to make it more fun.

To be honest, I know that it’s going to be different because, I know guys, one thing about ‘Showterview’ is it was not scripted. When they gave me that script, I said, ‘F**k that, I’m doing it my way.’

— Jessi

Although some people might be bitter about the fact they had been replaced, Jessi showed her true personality by encouraging fans to continue watching the show and supporting Sunmi.

I’m glad that somebody else is doing it because it’s better than nothing, I guess. So, please guys, show a lot of love to Sunmi and a lot of love to ‘Showterview.’ I didn’t know, I just found out yesterday when one of my fans told me. I didn’t feel bitter at all.

— Jessi

The idol then explained that Sunmi is a lot more conservative than she is, but added that it shouldn’t stop fans from watching and supporting the show. Jessi added that it might be different, but “sometimes different is good.”

Jessi might come across as blunt but the idol is truly one of the sweetest people in K-Pop. She could’ve easily been bitter about losing her role on Showterview, but instead, she encouraged fans to support Sunmi and the show no matter what the format.

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