Jessi and Sunmi Have Finally Collaborated, And It’s On An Ed Sheeran Song

The two have great chemistry, so it’s great to see them working together!

K-Pop queens Sunmi and Jessi have collaborated with Ed Sheeran on a remix for his song “Shivers,” and the result, unsurprisingly, is amazing.

But while a collaboration with Ed Sheeran is enviable, it was also exciting to see Sunmi and Jessi collaborate with each other, as the two have shown before that they get along really well—each having a style that complements the other. Their work on “Shivers” only proves it! They recently showed off their easy chemistry in a teaser video for “Shivers” that saw some sweet moments between the two artists.

“Shivers” Teaser | Warner Music Korea/Youtube

We also got to see Jessi and Sunmi together in October 2020 when Sunmi went on Jessi’s Showterview, a talk show in which she interviews many Korean celebrities such as K-Pop idols such as ATEEZ, TXT, and SHINee‘s Minho and Key. Jessi and Sunmi displayed great chemistry and had lots of fun together, so fans were quick to note in the comment section that Sunmi seemed to feel really comfortable with Jessi.

This led some people to voice their interest in seeing a collaboration between the two idols, as their natural chemistry is sure to help produce some really exciting projects.

While that has yet to happen, we can at least enjoy “Shivers” for now, and hopefully we will see more of this dynamic duo again in the future. Meanwhile, you can watch their episode of Showterview below.