Jessi Has A New Name For Her Squad With TXT’s Soobin And Yeonjun, And It’s Iconic AF

It was a hilarious trip down memory lane!

Recently, there have been so many iconic collaborations and friendships between K-Pop idols, and it seems like they are proving that the industry isn’t as cutthroat as people believe. It seems like a week doesn’t go by without netizens going crazy about some sort of interaction between their favorite idols.

One particular and unexpected trio that has captured the hearts of netizens is Jessi and TXT‘s Soobin and Yeonjun… and they even have their own squad name.

(Left to right) Jessi, TXT’s Yeonjun and Soobin | @jessicah_o/ Instagram

On April 21, Jessi and the TXT members sent the internet into a meltdown when they finally reunited to take part in Jessi’s “ZOOM” TikTok challenge to promote her new track. Whether they were being cool AF…

Or having some fun and teasing each other, the idols quickly became the talk of social media.

Well, it seems like Jessi has certified that the trio is official #SquadGoals by ensuring that a group as badass as they are, has an equally badass name.

After the TikTok was posted, Jessi shared pictures of the iconic trio on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “The watermelon squad, I’m always so grateful to my younger brothers, also please stop growing taller. They get taller every time I see them.”

| @jessicah_o/ Instagram
| @jessicah_o/ Instagram

Although the name might seem weird to most people, MOAs and Jessi fans instantly knew what it meant. Back in 2021, TXT appeared on Jessi’s Showterview. As expected, it was chaotic AF with so many epic moments throughout.

| @TXT_Members/ Twitter

One moment particularly caught the attention of netizens and became a viral moment that nobody will ever forget. The idols were put in groups of three, and the person at the front had to use their body to represent a word so the final person could guess.

When it came to the team of Jessi, Soobin, and Yeonjun, things became chaotic, as expected. With the first category being fruits, Jessi had the best reaction to seeing that she would have to act out the word “watermelon.” Jessi has never been one to shy away from anything, and she had the perfect way to demonstrate the fruit to Soobin.

| Mobidic/ YouTube 

As he turned to Yeonjun, the realization suddenly hit him as he explained, “But I can’t demonstrate (it) as well as you.” His reaction not only made his fellow members laugh but sparked Yeonjun’s curiosity at what the word could possibly be.

Soobin managed to find the confidence to do it and, although it wasn’t as bold as Jessi, it must’ve been okay because Yeonjun added, “I feel like I shouldn’t get it right…” and it looked like he was ready to breakdown.

| Mobidic/ YouTube

Even though the moment was months ago, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that Jessi had bought the reference back.

On social media, the phrase “WATERMELON SQUAD” was trending worldwide as they took a trip down memory lane.

Even a day after the TikTok was posted, the idols kept netizens hooked on K-Pop’s newest group after TXT posted some adorable pictures with the caption, “My favorite singer Jessi~~!

| @TXT_Members/ Twitter
| @TXT_Members/ Twitter
| @TXT_Members/ Twitter

Whether netizens will only be treated to the Watermelon Squad a few times a year or whether it becomes a full-time thing, Jessi and TXT have once again proved that K-Pop is meant to bring people together. The trio’s unexpected friendship has taken over the internet and it’s as wholesome as ever.

You can read more about the trio reuniting below.

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Source: @jessicah_o/ Instagram