Jessica Jung’s ₩8 Billion KRW Lawsuit Gets Revisited In Light Of Her Recent Luxury Shopping Spree

Her lawsuit is still ongoing.

Jessica Jung is making headlines following her recent YouTube video due to her ongoing lawsuit.

Jessica Jung | Vogue

The former Girls’ Generation member uploaded a new video on her personal YouTube channel showing off some of her most recent luxury purchases. A visibly excited Jessica showed off luxury purchase…

Still from Jessica Jung’s YouTube video with her Christian Dior visor | @Jessica Jung/YouTube

…after luxury purchase…

Chanel beanie | @Jessica Jung/YouTube

…after luxury purchase in her video. And while the former girl group member wanted to share her recent shopping haul with her subscribers, it seems that an ongoing issue is being re-highlighted in light of her shopping trip.

Chanel bag | @Jessica Jung/YouTube

Back in September, Jessica Jung’s clothing brand BLANC AND ECLARE found itself in a surprising financial situation when it was reported that the company was embroiled in a ₩8.00 billion KRW (about $6.79 million USD) lawsuit. According to the media reports, the company failed to pay back their $4 million USD loan that they took out back in 2016 and 2017.

Jessica Jung at a “BLANC & ECLARE” event.

While the loan was a corporate loan and not a personal loan, the endless luxury purchases recently made by Jessica began to make headlines once again given her situation regarding her company’s ongoing lawsuit.


No further updates have been provided regarding BLANC & ECLARE’s lawsuit since the initial news coverage.


You can check out Jessica Jung’s luxury haul down below.

Source: Naver News