Jessica Jung denies rumors of traveling to Hawaii with Tyler Kwon

In an interview with local Hong Kong media, Jessica Jung denied the rumors of having traveled with Tyler Kwon to Hawaii, saying it was just a family trip.

On January 15th, Jessica updated her Weibo account with pictures from her trip to Maui, Hawaii. Following that, on January 19th, she attended a fashion brand party in Hong Kong where she was interviewed by the local media in Hong Kong.

One media outlet, Tai Yang Bao, reported that when she was asked about whether she was traveling with Tyler Kwon she replied with “It was a family trip,” denying the rumors and speculations.

Jessica and Tyler have denied speculations of them having a relationship, time and time again. In early December there were even rumors of the two living together after they had been spotted shopping at a baby clothes store. However, Jessica quickly shut down those rumors at the time, saying that she was still living with her parents and sister.

Source: TV Daily