Jessica And Krystal Reunite For Their New Reality Show In The United States

The Jung Sisters are back.

5 years after Jessica & Krystal, the Jung Sisters will reunite for a brand new reality show in the United States.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV, the theme for Jessica and Krystal‘s new reality show is that they will be touring an undisclosed city in the United States. In addition, the pair just arrived at Incheon International Airport and will be leaving for San Francisco, California later today.

Their reality show is currently planned to be broadcast on the web, with no specifics about which platform or when the broadcast will be being revealed.

Just days ago, Jessica revealed in an interview that she was preparing to film a reality show with her sister, hinting to her fans that the two would reunite on broadcast.

With Jessica now being 31 and Krystal now being 26 years old, expectation is rising for how both sisters have matured, and what they will do together on their United States city tour.

Source: SpoTV