Jessica revealed as the 6th most successful Korean celebrity business owner

On the latest episode of tvN Ranking 2015, Jessica Jung was ranked as the 6th most successful celebrity business owner. 

Jessica, who launched her own fashion brand, BLANC&ECLARE, in August 2014, is well known for her interest in the fashion industry. Not only has she drawn the attention of fashion magazines and TV shows with her fashionable styles, she’s also previously entered into the industry itself by attending fashion shows and walking down the runway herself.

The fashionista is most well known for her sunglasses brand, which has opened about 40 store locations spread across Asia. The sunglasses, which sell for an average price of $250 USD are rapidly being snatched up by customers, many of whom come from China.

At one pop-up store location in Seoul in 2014, Jessica’s sunglasses generated 10,000,000 Won (~$10,000 USD) in just an hour. That being said, if each of Jessica’s 40 store locations were to sell just 10 sunglasses per day, that would generate approximately 3,000,000 Won (~$3,000 USD) in sales.

Jessica recently celebrated her 27th birthday, personalizing hundreds of polaroids and packages to give to her fans who attended her birthday party.

Source: TV Report