[★TRENDING] Jessica Will Be Making A Comeback On Her 10th Anniversary

To celebrate the 10th anniversary since her debut, Jessica will be making a comeback in August. 

Jessica previously revealed that she was working on an album, causing fans to speculate that she would be making a comeback for her anniversary. 

Jessica Reveals She’s Making A Comeback

Jessica debuted in SM Entertainment girl group Girls’ Generation in 2007 before leaving the group in 2014. 

According to reports by Xports News, an employee from Jessica’s agency revealed that she would be making a comeback in early August. 

“Jessica is preparing to release an album commemorating her 10th Anniversary. It will be released in early August and the music video is being filmed today.”

Jessica’s former group Girls’ Generation has also confirmed their comeback to celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary. 

SM Confirms Girls’ Generation Comeback Date And Fan Meeting

Fans are excited to see both Jessica and Girls’ Generation celebrating their 10th year anniversary. 

Source: Xports News

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