Jewelry’s Cho Min Ah Shares the Infuriating Prostitution Offer She Received via DM

Such “sponsorships” are reportedly becoming more common in the entertainment industry.

It’s been reported that providing financial support to female celebrities and receiving sexual favors return has become more common in the Korean entertainment industry.


And Jewelry‘s Cho Min Ah provided proof that it has happened to her as well.

The former idol recently took to her Instagram to share a screenshot of an “offer” she received via DM.

The message reads,

Pretty Noona, if you’re interested in having me as a sponsor, let me know.

– Anonymous

And in response, Cho Min Ah expressed her rage through her caption,

Kid, instead of sending DMs like this, spend the time to study some more. You should be more picky when sending stuff like this. As someone who went at this without any knowledge or experience about the industry, do you really think I’ll sell myself like that?

– Cho Min Ah


She continued,

I feel insulted making even 10 won from something I didn’t achieve with my own efforts. I didn’t respond to you because I had no reason to. But if you send me something like this one more time, you’re going to end up eating prison food while being chained up in shackes.

– Cho Min Ah

Cho Min Ah, who was active as a member of Jewelry back in 2002, opened her own bakery following her withdrawal from the group.

She’s currently active on social media as a well-known food influencer.

Source: Insight