Jewish Human Rights Organization Accepts Big Hit’s Apology, Fans Demand Apology In Return

“They should at least apologize for their misunderstanding.”

The Jewish human rights organization, Simon Wiesenthal Center, has accepted the apology made by Big Hit Entertainment for the incidents offensive to Jewish and Japanese victims of World War Two.


The organization had previously denounced BTS over alleged “anti-semitism” for “wearing a hat emblazoned with the Nazi SS ‘Totenkopf’ emblem, wearing a t-shirt with pictures of the WWII atomic bombs, and the band performing in costumes resembling SS uniforms and flying Nazi-like flags“.

International Jewish Human Rights Organization Denounces BTS Over Alleged “Anti-Semitism”


Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Wiesenthal Center’s Associate Dean and Director of Global Social Action, called for an apology to Japan and the victims of Nazism.

“The outrageous incidents reveal a basic lack of knowledge of history’s darkest chapters that endangers the future of younger generations. We are reaching out to BTS and their management to urge that they harness their international fame to celebrate the good not serve the forces of evil.”

ㅡ Rabbi Cooper


In addition to their official statement regarding the recent issues surrounding BTS, Big Hit Entertainment sent a letter to the center, apologizing to anyone who may have taken offense in regards to the matter.


Wiesenthal Center has announced that the apology was well accepted.


Meanwhile, fans are angered by the center’s lack of mentioning their misunderstandings and have been demanding that they make an apology to Big Hit Entertainment and BTS as well.


In fact, the “Nazi-like flags” that the center has brought up supposedly represented the song “Classroom Idea”, which criticizes the education system in Korea, and were props given to the group for their performance at Seo Taiji’s concert.


One fan had contacted Seo Taiji’s company, who had apparently responded and clarified that they were in the process of reviewing the details and preparing to take further action against false reports.


Meanwhile, fans continue to shame the Wiesenthal Center for their lack of proper research in regards to the matter, with some claiming that the center’s actions are a result of the center’s lack of funding.


Source: Sports Seoul