J-Hope’s Older Sister Talks About Her YouTube Channel And Future Husband-To-Be In An Interview With AtStyle

She recently celebrated 1 million subscribers

BTS‘s J-Hope is making headlines but this time, it’s not because of something he’s done. J-Hope’s sister is featured in the December issue of AtStyle and her pictorial is garnering positive attention.

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J-Hope’s beautiful older sister Jung Da Won, who goes by Jiwoo recently sat down with AtStyle to shoot a pictorial with them. However, this wouldn’t be the first time that the BTS member’s sister topped headlines. Not too long ago, she opened her own YouTube channel and with only two video uploads, she managed to get 1 million subscribers.

Jiwoo shared her future plans for her YouTube channel. She stated that,

I plan on showing my daily life routine through YouTube that I couldn’t show on Instagram.

— Jiwoo

The BTS member’s sister has been keeping herself busy as she’s been operating a shopping mall for the past 5 years and recently just launched an eyewear brand back in August. She shared that,

I have never thought about separating my work life and my normal life. It’s pretty common for me to work past 1 A.M.

— Jiwoo

The hard work ethic seems to run in the family as J-Hope’s sister revealed her future career goals that showed her determination and passion in business.

I would love to open a jewelry brand in the future if my finances allow it.

— Jiwoo

Her headlines don’t end there as she also made headlines for her upcoming wedding announcement! She revealed that,

My husband-to-be is similar to me. We both love our work and are both independent so even after we get married, I think we will share a similar lifestyle to how we’re living now.

— Jiwoo

She continued by sharing how excited she is to have another person join her family because that’s how she finds healing in life.

I find healing through family and sharing my daily life with them. My husband-to-be is a dependable person and I feel like I’m gaining another person to be on my side and it gives me strength.

— Jiwoo

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Congratulations to Jung Da Won and all her success! Fans can check out more of the interview in the December 2020 issue of AtStyle.

Source: E Daily and Insight


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