BTS’s J-Hope Left Someone Out Of His “Run BTS” TikTok Challenge Compilation And That Person Wants To Know Why

Jungkook “called him out.”

BTS‘s J-Hope left someone out of his “Run BTS” TikTok challenge compilation…

BTS’s J-Hope

Recently, BTS launched their latest TikTok dance challenge with their song “Run BTS.”


#RunBTS is back!🔥 Join now on TikTok!

♬ Run BTS – BTS

The dance king himself J-Hope posted his own video doing the new challenge…


역시 정팀장이 추면 다르지🔥#RunBTS #달려라방탄 #jhope #제이홉

♬ Run BTS – BTS

Shortly after, Suga and Jimin posted theirs.


이 조합😸🐥 찬성합니다🙆 같이 달려볼까? #RunBTS #달려라방탄 #지민 #슈가 #Jimin #SUGA

♬ Run BTS – BTS

V and Jungkook posted with unique twists on the challenge as they were both abroad in Paris and Qatar, respectively.

ARMYs praised Jungkook especially for making the “Run BTS” challenge more accessible with a simplified choreography considering the original is rigorous.

Yet, many have participated in the original, especially fellow K-Pop idols. All the fellow HYBE groups have been doing the “Run BTS” challenge and absolutely slaying. So, J-Hope shared a compilation video via Instagram Reels, including all who have participated so far, including even himself, Jimin, and Suga, to show appreciation.

Yet, he forgot some people… Jungkook commented on J-Hope’s post, inquiring why his version of the “Run BTS” challenge was not included.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Why didn’t you include me, jya-hope ? Mine was okay too, hmm…

— Jungkook

J-Hope match-cut all the videos so they transitioned seamlessly, and since Jungkook’s version was so unique, we know it wouldn’t have really fit. Yet, we still feel bad that he was not included!

Source: uarmyhope