Ji Suk Jin terminates his contract with FNC Entertainment after only 7 months

Celebrity broadcaster Ji Suk Jin has terminated his exclusive contract with FNC Entertainment with the agency announcing their official position on the matter.

It became big news in September 2015 after Ji Suk Jin was revealed to have officially signed on with FNC Entertainment, who at the time was getting attention for signing on big name comedians and broadcasters such as Lee Guk Joo, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Hyung Don, Lee Guk Joo, Noh Hong Chul, and more. Unfortunately, after only seven months, Ji Suk Jin is no longer part of FNC Entertainment as reports reveal he has terminated his contract with them.

On April 4th, the agency said, “Ji Suk Jin recently terminated his exclusive contract with us. Ji Suk Jin was unable to adapt to the company’s activity system and will focus on individual activities.”

They add that despite the contract termination, they promise to maintain a good standing relationship with the broadcaster and to support him.

Source: Sports Donga