Jiae, The Only Openly Bisexual K-Pop Idol Forced To Release Her Album On Her Own Due To Lack Of Industry Support

She is finally living as an artist, true to herself!

Jiae, the former member of the girl-group WA$$UP (WASSUP) came out as bisexual in 2020, also revealing that she was dating a woman. Though her group disbanded in 2019, Jiae has been trying to pursue a musical career and seems like finally, her efforts are paying off, though in a bittersweet manner.

| @ji.aee/Instagram

Two years since her coming out, Jiae has found it difficult to get signed by any label. Despite the apparent discrimination, she continued with the support of her fans and finally released her first mini-album Love Is Love across digital platforms on October 8, KST. The entire project was crowdfunded.

| @ji.aee/Instagram

In an Instagram post made in February of this year, Jiae openly talked about her situation, asking for support from her fans.

Hi guys ! I’m Ji Ae, I used to be the main vocal in a group called Wassup in the past.
First of all, I would really like to show my appreciation and thank you for the waits and patience, I have now finally taken the choice to make a solo album through fundings and donations.
As you can know by the news and my social network, it has come to the extent where I couldn’t get any supports, also no company would accept for I am a bisexual…
As everyone know, making an album without an agency or entertainment company is close to impossible.
As for who I am, a bisexual. The society would not give me the same chance as others do.
Even so, music is my everything in my life, basically it’s my only joy and I wouldn’t wanna give up. So now, I wish to prepare the album through fundings and donation. I would really appreciate for the care and supports.
Anyone, just anyone who has the same thinking or wish to support me for who I am. I will not stop my passion and go on and show the world with my identities and color through music.
Anyone who wishes to support me, please do come my account and check on the profile link. I would really really appreciate all the help.
Once again, thank you and I promise I will bring good music in return. Your support means a lot to me🙏

—Jiae, Instagram

The title track of the album, “Love Is Love,” talks about the journey of self-acceptance, especially with that of a queer identity. The music video was released on October 8 as well.

But the release of the physical albums has been pushed back to November 3, for unknown reasons. Fans are rallying behind Jiae and her musical endeavors to ensure more voices like hers can be heard freely in K-Pop.

You can watch the “Love Is Love” music video here:

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