Jihyo May Have Just Dropped Another Spoiler For TWICE’s Next Comeback

Jihyo has once again spoiled us with some hints!

Earlier this month TWICE‘s Jihyo accidentally let it slip that the group’s summertime comeback will be sexier than ever before and now it looks like she’s back at it again!

“For the first time, all the members wore sleeveless tops. There is more skin showing. Not sure if you guys will like it or hate it… Sorry if you don’t want to see it.” — Jihyo


The group recently held a livestream and right as the girls signed off, Jihyo busted out some moves.

Since ONCEs have already figured out that the girls filmed their music video in Okinawa, Japan, the hula like moves would fit their summertime theme.


While the moves may not have been completely suspicious on their own, Nayeon and Mina couldn’t help but join in. And perhaps even more proof that the moves were a spoiler was Dahyun’s reaction to them!

Dahyun quickly tried to stop Jihyo from showing them off.


But perhaps the most important detail is the fact that Jihyo can clearly be seen mouthing “dance the night away” which just so happens to be the title track for their special album!


The group is reportedly having their comeback on July 9, and we can’t wait to see what the girls have in store for us! Are you excited too?