Here’s Why BTS’s Jimin Chose His Prerelease Photos For “Me, Myself, And Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’” Photofolio

He had specific reasons.

BTS‘s Jimin recently went behind the scenes of his Me, Myself, and Jimin ‘ID : Chaos’ Special 8 Photo-Folio photoshoot and photo selection process.

Before the prereleased photos get to ARMY, Jimin himself selects the ones he wishes to show them first.

Reviewing the photos from the photoshoot, his ideas came to life thanks to his ability to pull of the cool concepts as well as the staff’s expertise to help him execute his ideas.

Jimin carefully looked through the photos to pick the perfect prerelease photos that would give ARMY their first impression of his photofolio. However, he didn’t simply chose his favorite photos. Instead, he had a more methodical approach to what would pique his fans’ interest.

He revealed that his favorite concept was the first one…

…and we can see why he chose the gorgeous concept! However, it’s not what he chose for the prerelease photo.

He ultimately chose the concept of himself in a suit to show a new and different side of him and also allow fans to know they could expect something different than what he normally does.

He even loved his photos so much that he wanted to use them as his profile picture on Instagram!

Jimin knows exactly what ARMY will love most.

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BTS’s Jimin Spills The True Meaning Behind The “Me, Myself, And Jimin ‘ID: Chaos’” Photofolio Concepts


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