Jimin And Jungkook’s Fathers Were The Deciding Factor In BTS’s Appointment As 2030 Busan World Expo Ambassadors

Their parents were instrumental.

Jimin and Jungkook‘s fathers were the key figures in helping BTS become the 2030 Busan World Expo ambassadors.

In an exclusive report from Joongang Ilbo, it was made known that Jimin and Jungkook’s fathers were key players in getting BTS to become the ambassadors for the 2030 Busan World Expo. Ever since Park Hyung Joon was elected mayor of Busan in 2021, he set out in attempt to persuade BTS to become the ambassadors.

As both Jimin and Jungkook’s hometown is Busan, it was natural for the local government to target BTS. Mayor Park Hyung Joon, deputy mayor of the economy Lee Sung Kwon, and deputy mayor of the economic affairs office Park Sung Hoon were the leading politicians in the movement to get BTS on board, even though actor Lee Jung Jae is currently the Busan public relations ambassador.

An official from the Busan city government stated that success of the Busan World Expo was their number one priority, and getting BTS on board would be a huge plus.

We have stressed several times that the Busan World Expo is the nation’s number one project.

HYBE also asked each BTS member for their opinion and they agreed.

— Busan city official

One party official stated the importance of getting the two members’ parents involved.

I understand that we received a great amount of help from the parents of the two members.

— Ruling party official

One story that was exclusively reported was that Park Sung Hoon visited Jimin’s father and held a discussion with him while having wine together. Jimin’s father currently runs a cafe in Daeyeon-dong, Busan. Park Sung Hoon mentioned that he was from the same area of Busan and asked for BTS’s participation.

There is no star with more global recognition than BTS. I asked him to do it for the country.

— Park Sung Hoon

Jimin’s father ended up telling Jungkook’s father about the meeting, and Jungkook’s father also stated that he will try to persuade Jungkook into accepting the offer. After the news officially dropped, Jimin’s father called Park Sung Hoon to share his happiness.

As a person from Busan, I am very happy. Jimin also really likes it.

— Jimin’s father

Source: Joongang Ilbo