Jimin Proves He Is The Biggest OT7 BTS Fan During “M Countdown” Recording

He refused to have fans chant his own name.

With the promotional activities for Face in full swing, BTS’s Jimin is scheduled to appear on Mnet’s music show M Countdown soon. The singer already pre-recorded his performance on March 26 at the CJ E&M studio in Paju.

A handful of ARMYs, who were able to secure a seat in the audience, showed up at the filming location to support Jimin. Though they had to cover their phone lenses to comply with the no-filming policy, many of the audience members talked about their experience on Twitter. While some made ARMYs jealous showing off the gifts Jimin prepared for the fans, others shared some off-camera highlight moments.

One of those behind-the-scenes stories pulled on the heartstrings of fans because it just reconfirmed how much Jimin loves to be a part of BTS. From the very early stages of promoting his individual album, he mentioned BTS wherever and whenever possible. From promoting RM’s album Indigo while talking about his own solo album in his Vogue Korea interview,

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to crediting his members for being the inspiration behind his album,

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his constant shoutouts to his group made fans realize he misses being a part of the septet as much as they do.

During the M Countdown filming too, Jimin found a way to share his moment in the spotlight with his members. According to an audience member present at the set, after the singer successfully performed his songs, the audience started chanting his name. But Jimin started to guide them to chant his group’s name instead, filling the room with sounds of “BTS! BTS!” soon enough.

This little story has caused a huge meltdown among fans, who noted that Jimin could have easily had his moment of shine, but he chose to share it with his group, even though they were not physically together.