Former AOA Member Shin Jimin Is Making A Return To The Music Industry – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

She’s competing in a new survival show.

Former AOA member Shin Jimin is making her return to the music industry after having left FNC Entertainment in January 2022.

Shin Jimin debuted with AOA in 2012. The group is well-loved for their catchy songs, and Shin Jimin especially gained notoriety after her appearance on Mnet‘s Unpretty Rap Star. Due to conflicts in AOA, Shin Jimin left the group in 2019, leaving her agency a few years later.

Shin Jimin | @jiminbaby_18/Instagram

On July 13th, ALO MALO Entertainment announced that Shin Jimin officially signed with their company.

We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Shin Jimin.

– ALO MALO Entertainment

| ALO MALO Entertainment

Shin Jimin herself also teased her upcoming activities, hinting at her return to promotions in the future.

I’m greeting you from a new agency. I’ve been thinking about many things and have had a lot of time for myself. I’m still being cautious, but I’m going to take a step forward now. Please keep an eye out for my future moves.

– Shin Jimin

Netizens largely supported Shin Jimin’s return, believing that she had been the victim of an unfair witch hunt.

  • “Due to netizens only listening to one side, she was prosecuted by the public as if she was a criminal. I am so glad that the misunderstandings were resolved, Jimin hwaiting!”
  • “I wish AOA would reunite.”

They also supported the idol’s bravery and perseverance.

  • Unpretty Rap Star Jimin, I am rooting for you.”
  • “Jimin is very strong. If it was me, I would hate the public and just retire.”
  • “She was probably the most-hated celebrity. I hope she pays them back by being 3x more successful.”
  • “I feel so bad for cursing at Jimin. Due to her case, I am always going to be neutral.”

Now it has been announced that Shin Jimin will be making her return to the industry through an upcoming survival program, The Second World.

Although not much is currently known about the JTBC show, eight main rappers from different girl groups, including WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), Oh My Girl, and MAMAMOO, will compete against each other.

| @jiminbaby_18/Instagram

Given Shin Jimin’s familiarity with rap survival shows, fans can look forward to what she will bring to the competition as they support the idol’s return.

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