Here Is How Netizens Are Reacting To Former AOA Member Shin Jimin’s Return To The Entertainment Industry

“I am rooting for AOA and Jimin.”

It was earlier reported that AOA member Shin Jimin  would be resuming entertainment activities.

Shin Jimin | @jiminbaby_18/Instagram
| @jiminbaby_18/Instagram

The idol had signed to a new entertainment agency, ALO MALO Entertainment. Shin Jimin also hinted at her comeback personally.

I’m greeting you from a new agency. I’ve been thinking about many things and have had a lot of time for myself. I’m still being cautious, but I’m going to take a step forward now. Please keep an eye out for my future moves.

— Shin Jimin

ALO MALO entertainment released a new profile photo of Shin Jimin, signaling a new start for the singer.

| ALO MALO Entertainment

Many netizens welcomed the idol back, with many stating that Shin Jimin had been a victim of a witch hunt.

  • “Due to netizens only listening to one side, she was prosecuted by the public as if she was a criminal. I am so glad that the misunderstandings were resolved, Jimin hwaiting!”
  • “I wish AOA would reunite.”
  • “I am rooting for Jimin. She is a victim of a witch hunt.”
  • “I wish every AOA member is happy.”
  • “Rooting for AOA and Jimin.”

Other netizens also rooted for Jimin, while complimenting the singer’s strength and perseverance.

  • Unpretty Rap Star Jimin, I am rooting for you.”
  • “Jimin is very strong. If it was me, I would hate the public and just retire.”
  • “She was probably the most-hated celebrity. I hope she pays them back by being 3x more successful.”
  • “I feel so bad for cursing at Jimin. Due to her case, I am always going to be neutral.”

Shin Jimin debuted with AOA in 2012. The group quickly achieved popularity and is beloved to this day. The idol is best remembered for her powerful performances while she participated in Mnet’s Unpretty Rap Star. The idol left the group in 2019 due to conflicts within the group.


Although she has left the group, the idol still makes time for her best friend Seolhyun.

Seolhyun (left) and Jimin (right) | @s2seolhyuns2/Instagram

Are you glad to see Shin Jimin’s return?

Source: Nate Pann