Jimin Has Given Up Rebelling Against BTS’s “Maknae On Top”, Jungkook 

After years of battling the Golden Maknae, he’s throwing in the towel. For now.

At 22 years old, Jungkook is BTS‘s youngest member. The maknae. That means he always respects his hyungs’ authority, and he always listens to their words…

(ARMY, I can hear you laughing through the screen.)

In reality, Jungkook is the definition of “maknae on top”, meaning that he rules over his older members with a mix of sass…

…and smacks.

Most of the time, Jungkook’s hyungs let him get away with it, partly because he’s cute, partly because they adore him…

…and partly because they don’t really have a choice!

On April 14, Jimin and RM surprised ARMY with a live coffee-making broadcast. After Jimin sipped his brew, RM pointed out that Jimin’s hand was shaking.

“I’m becoming a lot weaker,” Jimin replied. “Lately, I’ve not at all, even a single time, tried to rebel against Jungkookie.” 

According to RM, Jimin isn’t the only one who’s given up. “Well, it’s the same for all of us,” RM replied.

In conclusion, it’s the Golden Maknae’s world. The rest of us just live here!