Jin’s Blond Mullet In “BTS Universe” Gains Attention As “Butter” Comeback Nears

Manifesting this look! 🙏

HYBE turned BTS into animated characters for their game BTS Universe back in September of 2020.

Recently, Jin‘s character went viral on TikTok and Twitter because fans realized just how much it resembles the real idol. Not only that, but fans discovered that there was an option in the wardrobe to change Jin’s hair to a blond mullet.

Jin has had a brunet mullet and a blond mullet once before; however, it was never to this length. As Jin still has somewhat long hair, fans are curious if the vocalist will appear in the same hair as his character for BTS’ “Butter” comeback.

Fans haven’t seen Jin in a blond mullet since about 2018 and are ecstatic at the possibility to see the style once again.

The meme floating around when the McDonalds X BTS partnership was announced resurfaced as fans hope blond is making a comeback. Fans are spread “Tall, Blonde, and Gorgeous” all over Twitter.

What do you think of the design? Are you hoping it shows up in “Butter?”