Jin Completely Exposed Jimin’s Birthday Cake In Latest Bangtan Bomb

ARMY appreciated Jin’s humour.

Big Hit Entertainment has given us a glimpse of the celebrations that took place for Jimin‘s birthday last year in the newest Bangtan Bomb.

Jimin’s birthday is October 13th which is the same day that BTS were performing in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam as a part of their Love Yourself World Tour. As a special treat to ARMY, they got to see what unfolded backstage.

Jungkook had a lovely bouquet of flowers ready for his friend which he brandished confidently.

Jimin must have suspected something was up when he got called into a dark room, he cracked a smile when he saw everyone ready to surprise him.

It was the oldest member Jin‘s job to present the cake to Jimin. The cake seemed completely normal until Jin dropped a huge bombshell…

Jin completely exposed Jimin’s cake, he started singing out “Fake-u Cake!” to the tune of “Fake Love” in hilarious fashion. His bandmates were too absorbed with the moment to appreciate the humour but ARMY definitely enjoyed it!

What an interesting behind-the-scenes look at a touching moment. Maybe Big Hit will release some more birthday videos in the future?

Suga also displayed his surprising English skills during the party. You can watch the full video below: