Exposed: Viral Dating Show Contestant Alleged To Be Rookie Actress — Netizens Question Her Intentions

Is she looking for love or fans?

A viral dating show contestant is facing accusations that she is actually an actress.

The 18th Oksoon on I Am Solo

Recently, an online post alleging that the 18th Oksoon (moniker) on I Am Solo is an actress went viral. I Am Solo is a popular dating show that hides the names of its contestants and gives them monikers to use during filming.

According to reports, allegations claimed that Oksoon, who previously went viral for her resemblance to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, was actually actress Jin Ga Hyun.

Dating Show Contestant Breaks News Headlines For Resembling BLACKPINK’s Lisa

The accusations reportedly have caused an outpour of criticism targeting the show, with many of its viewers questioning the actress’s motives for being on the show.

Jin Ga Hyun in a K-Drama | OSEN

I Am Solo is one of Korea’s most popular and controversial dating shows. The show is known for its honest and frank documentary style of editing and is well-regarded after many of its contestants went on to marry one another.

Poster for I Am Solo | ENA

Meanwhile, Jin Ga Hyun is a rookie actress who recently signed with the label M Place. Jin Ga Hyun appeared in the movie Road Family (2020) and the K-Drama My Strange Hero (2018). The actress reportedly was also an ambassador for a brand.

Jin Ga Hyun | News1

Neither the show nor the actress’s label has responded to the accusations as of this writing.

Source: wikitree