Dating Show Contestant Breaks News Headlines For Resembling BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Media outlets are already calling her the most beautiful contestant on the show.

A contestant on a dating show is making news for her resemblance to BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

Lisa | @lalalalisaa__m_/Twitter

On December 7, the controversial dating show I Am Solo released the trailer for the upcoming 18th class of singles looking for love.

Among the contestants, one in particular is making news in Korea for her resemblance to BLACKPINK icon Lisa.

Many Korean news and media outlets praised the contestant’s beauty, and stated that she was one of the most beautiful contestants in the show’s long history.

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Meanwhile, I Am Solo is Korea’s current longest-running and often most controversial dating program. The show, which is known for taking a candid, almost unflattering portrayal of its contestants’ quest for love, has often gone viral for the wrong reasons. Most recently, the show’s 16th class caused an uproar after its contestants accused one another of problematic behaviors such as sexting and bullying.

Controversy Erupts After Viral Dating Show Contestant Threatens To Sue Castmate

You can check out the trailer for the show’s latest group of singles in the link below.

Source: wikitree