JINI Addresses NMIXX Departure During Album Showcase

Old questions linger on.

Former NMIXX member JINI was asked why she left the group.


On October 11, the idol met with Korean media for the release of her first mini-album, An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove.


On this day, JINI was asked by a member of the media why she had left NMIXX. At the question, the showcase’s MC responded, “It’s hard to reveal the reason in detail. Also, that is a personal question. Right now, this is a place for her to showcase her album.

JINI then responded personally to the question but in a similar fashion.

Regarding this, it is hard for me to tell you as it is for personal reasons, but I am ready to promote diligently during my solo debut.


JINI, who debuted in February 2022 with NMIXX, left the group in December of that year. It wasn’t until three months later that she signed with her new home, United Artist Production and later ATOC.

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Despite her new start, many are still curious to know why she left the group. At the time, JYP Entertainment revealed her departure was for “Personal reasons.” Fans were saddened by the idol’s leave, but many are supporting the idol in her solo venture. On this day, Jinny thanked fans and asked them for their support.

First, I want to thank the fans who have been waiting for me. I want to tell them that I would like to make many memories with them. I will show you a better side of me, and I ask for your anticipation.

— Jinni

Check out Jinni’s debut effort, “C’mon” in the link below.


Source: newsen