Soju Company Jinro’s Mascot Parodies Its CF Model IU And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

It even did one for “Strawberry Moon”.

IU is currently the model for soju brand Chamiseul, a brand under the Jinro liquors umbrella. Although Chamiseul has its own mascot, the sweet dew drop Iseulie, Jinro’s mascot is Kkeobi, a little blue toad.

Kkeobi is of course, IU’s largest fan! When she released the teaser for “Strawberry Moon”…

…Kkeobie had to make his own version of it, complete with a little pink friend.

It was even captioned appropriately using “Strawberry Moon” lyrics.

Kkeobi’s night where love floats dizzily, fly softly and come true. #waitingfor_IseulFairy’s_newsong #released_tonight_atmidnight #Kkeobi_willbe_quietly_streaming_whilelookingatthemoon

— Official Jinro

Kkeobi even parodied IU’s poster for Chamiseul.

This is not the first time Kkeobi has shown its support for IU. Back when “Celebrity” was released…

…Kkeobie did its very own poster parody.

It even participated in the “Celebrity” challenge.

We’re living for all this support that Jinro is showing their model, IU. Make sure to catch “Strawberry Moon” below so that Kkeobi’s effort doesn’t go to waste.

Source: theqoo