Jin’s Solo Vlog Proved Once More That BTS Are Truly Inseparable

When they said ApoBangpo, they meant it.

Though BTS members are currently focusing on their individual ventures, it seems like the group can’t keep each other off their minds. Jin‘s solo cooking vlog was uploaded recently and just like the other members’ solo vlogs, he too couldn’t help bring up his group and ARMYs during his shenanigans inside the kitchen.

For his solo vlog, Jin went to celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok‘s cooking class and they decided to make Jin’s beloved dish ‘Menbosha’ for the lesson. While preparing the bread, Jin hesitantly asked the chef if he could make a Menbosa in the shape of the BTS logo.

Once the chef gave his green flag, Jin proceeded to carefully follow the instructions, giving all his special attention to the ‘BTS Menbosha’. Even the chef stepped in to help him and make sure that this extra special piece came out good.

Sadly, while double frying the BTS Menbosha, it got burnt a little on the surface. But nothing that chef Lee Yeon Bok couldn’t fix.

While showing off his dish, Jin made sure to also include ARMYs in the experience! Though he apologized through the subtitles for burning the Menbosha, fans couldn’t help feeling emotional over this gesture.

Fans also noticed that every member has included BTS into their solo vlogs in one way or the other. This realization has visibly added to the emotional devastation of ARMYs, since it’s been a while the septet have been seen together in one frame.

You can watch the full cooking vlog right here: