Jinusean’s Sean will show his true character on “Show Me The Money 4”?

The real character of Jinusean’s Sean has been exposed by Show Me The Money 4 director, Han Dong Chul. 

On June 24th, Han Dong Chul, the director for the latest season of Show Me The Money, was present in the press conference along with their confirmed panelist.

During the interview, the director revealed that the program will expose Sean’s true character. He started with a spoiler saying that fans should expect the opposite for the program and revealed that, “Sean is not nice. You will be shocked when you see it, even we were shocked when watching it.” The emphasis over the producer’s comment took Sean by surprise.

Meanwhile, Show Me The Money 4 will start airing on June 26th and will feature producer panelists Jinusean and Tablo, Verbal Jint and San E, Jay Park and Loco and Zico and Paloalto.

Source: Newsen