Jo Byung Gyu’s Agency Releases Official Statement Revealing They Will Proceed With Legal Action

They will still take legal action.

Recently, media outlets revealed that the alleged victim of actor Jo Byung Gyu had sent another apology as an appeal for mercy. Jo’s agency has released an official statement regarding the reports.

Hello this is HB Entertainment. We would like to state our position regarding today’s report about our actor Jo Byung Gyu. 

We initially took legal action against the accuser who posted alleged school violence accusations. The accuser recently admitted that the post online was false and sent an official apology revealing that they are deeply reflecting on their actions. 

In addition, in relation to the above case investigation, we would like to inform you that it is also true that our actor Jo Byung Gyu submitted statements and testimonies from teachers and classmates who watched him closely during his school days as well as his student life records. 

For the accuser of foreign nationality, the suspect has been identified through the police investigation and will proceed with legal action once the suspect enters Korea.

In the future, the agency will actively respond to groundless posts and malicious comments related to Jo Byung Gyu.  

Source: osen