Actor Jo Byung Gyu Receives A Second Official Apology From Alleged School Violence Victim

The accuser seems to be asking for mercy.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu, who was swept up in a school violence controversy this past February, has revealed to have received another official apology from the suspect. At this point, it seems necessary to pay more attention to Jo, who has been voicing his position about the controversy.

According to an official on July 27, “The police investigation regarding Jo Byung Gyu’s alleged school violence, which is being conducted for the second time since this past February, has entered a new phase after receiving an official apology revealing their reflection regarding the accusations. This apology letter has been delivered to Jo Byung Gyu as of July 26.”

Another point to notice from the official’s message was that Jo directly submitted a number of related materials to the police investigating the case, “supporting” that the school violence case was completely different from the truth. The official explained, “We received detailed statements from teachers and classmates from his elementary and middle school life records, which is during the same time period the suspects pointed out the suspicion of bullying. I think this can be seen as Jo’s strong will to prove his innocence.”

Jo Byung Gyu has consistently emphasized that the school violence accusations are groundless and has maintained a strong stance in order to restore his image. It looks like both apology letters concluded as an appeal for mercy, causing Jo to be embroiled in a controversy that only caused him much suffering.

Jo Byung Gyu was accused of bullying students during his middle school days, and while he denied such claims, more accusations by anonymous netizens surfaced. He denied more of the claims, however, the accusations continued to target him.

Source: newsen