“The Uncanny Counter” Actor Jo Byung Gyu Officially Denies School Bullying Rumors, Promises Legal Action

He has denied all rumors.

The Uncanny Counter actor Jo Byung Gyu has made his official statement regarding his latest school bullying rumor, denying it and promising legal action against the person who started it.

Earlier in the day, Jo Byung Gyu was accused of bullying a classmate while he was studying in New Zealand, having a terrible attitude, and verbal abuse. However, his agency HB Entertainment has come out to state that all of the rumors are false, and promised strict legal action to protect Jo Byung Gyu.

Hello, this is HB Entertainment (CEO Na Byung Jun).

We are officially announcing our position regarding the spreading of malicious contents and false rumors related to our actor, Jo Byung Gyu.

We want to inform you that we have officially requested a police investigation in order to hold the person responsible for spreading false information and the indiscriminate malicious comments that are posted through the online community.

We will no longer stand still and will be taking legal responsibility for any criminal activities that produce or spread malicious rumors about our actors. From now on, following the results of the investigations, there will be no leniency or settlements.

HB Entertainment will continue to respond more strictly to illegal activities that undermine the reputation of our actors such as spreading false information and writing malicious comments. We will do our best to protect the rights and interests of our actors.

— HB Entertainment

Source: Herald Pop

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