Jo Byung Gyu’s Alleged Victim Shares A Detailed Update About The Case Since Their Initial Post

They have some questions for the actor’s label.

One of the alleged victims in actor Jo Byung Gyu‘s bullying case has made an update.

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On the dedicated Instagram page called victimofmr_cho, the victim made a lengthy post about the events that followed after their initial upload detailing the alleged bullying incident. Previously, Jo Byung Gyu was accused of bullying a classmate during his time in New Zealand when he attended an all boys high school. While the accusations were since denied by the actor and his label, the alleged victim has stepped forward once again to share an update with their followers.

This is a follow-up to the New Zealand bullying case.

I received a call from a classmate asking me to censor his face from the photos. I knew who it was, but I pretended like I didn’t and just apologized. Mr. A wanted to know who it was, but I didn’t tell him. I got another call from a different classmate who knew who I was. They knew that it was me who uploaded the post.

Through Mr. A, I received a call from a law firm. They informed me that they would be suing me for damages and the amount was insane. I just sat there in shock while my mind went blank. Mr. A didn’t know what to do so he ensured me that he would do whatever it takes to minimize the penalty. After consulting with my own lawyer, I was told to ‘message the law firm handling the case and to take down the original post. Upload an apology.’
Mentally, I was not okay at this time so Mr. A helped me out and drafted up an apology on my behalf. It all happened so suddenly that I did not think any of this would happen. I thought I would receive an acknowledgement of what happened and an apology.

— Victim

The alleged victim continued by sharing their regrets about posting the original message due to the intense backlash they received.

After I took my post down, headlines appeared that the actor posted an upload, almost like a response.
My lawyer informed me, ‘just upload an apology before a settlement. The damages are already too big and the later the apology, the bigger the damages will get.’ I wanted this entire thing to end, but I felt like I shouldn’t write an apology so I asked him for more time. After my lawyer consulted with someone else, it was decided that we would not proceed with an apology.

An explanation was uploaded on the actor’s side. Even though they concealed the truth, I was unable to do anything. All I wanted was an apology and that’s why I uploaded what I wrote, but I started to regret everything. If I could go back in time,  I would apologize 100 times over if I could end this nightmare.

I received an interesting direct message today. Someone with the ID wqxxxxx (W) said that they knew what was going on around me and they started threatening me. I was filled with dread knowing that someone was watching me.

— Victim

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They then asked some questions directed towards Jo Byung Gyu’s agency.

1. On March 4th, the letter that I received insinuated that my lawyer lied. Why would a lawyer lie about something that I don’t know about? Why are you trying to make me the main offender? Are you guys trying to create a new case? Since this is a sensitive issue, I do ask for a thorough explanation.

2. I realized that the person who sent me the direct message using W as an ID must be related to the agency due to numerous factors (English level, promotion timing, insider information.) They told me their name was XXX and that they were a former classmate. Are you positive that W has no relation to your agency? If not, do you have plans to sue on behalf of your company’s honor?

3. I request this of the agency.
I request a public verification of everything. I believe that W should be required to attend everything. If I don’t receive a satisfactory explanation, I will do whatever it takes to reveal the truth.

— Victim

The victim concluded their lengthy message by sharing their thoughts on the entire situation and how things have been panning out.

What kind of world do we live in that you can restructure the narrative by threatening to sue for damages. How are we supposed to live in this kind of shitty world.

— Victim

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You can check out the victim’s entire post, here.

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