Actor Jo Byung Gyu Vents His Frustration At The Continued False Accusations His School Bullying Accuser Makes

He vented out his feelings.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu has vented his frustration towards the person continuing to accuse him of school bullying, and he has made sure to note the accusations are false.

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In a post made on his personal Instagram account, Jo Byung Gyu shared just how frustrated he is at the accusations, and shared how his school life was from his own personal perspective.

I vowed to myself I wouldn’t respond to anonymous, malicious comments anymore, but I can’t take it anymore, so I’m posting this.

How am I supposed to prove it’s not me? How am I supposed to remember and prove everything that happened 11 years, even as far back as 16 years ago? That’s right. I am not a person who has lived my entire life without hurting someone. I am not a person who acted like a saint to everyone I met while I was growing up. I was extorted for money because I was smaller, I was a victim of assault, so from now on, I’m a victim too, right?

I think school is a place where one can become a good adult and member of society through trial and error, discussions, and learning prior to becoming fully developed. I also had the aforementioned experiences of trial and error and quarrels as a student. But I stayed within the legal, moral, and ethical boundaries. I did not do anything unlawful.

Why should I have to apologize as an actor now, when the false accusations made about my youth are dated back to the days where my dream wasn’t to be an actor? If this part is the problem, I would like to apologize for that.

I’m sorry. I wasn’t close with everyone in my grade or in my school. I wasn’t friends with everyone. I was close with a fraction of the students and my friends were really nice people. It seems like my limited inter-personal relationships and my indifference towards the grudges of people I had no relationship withheld was the problem.

My career of 10 years has already collapsed, and I’ve already postponed all of my planned activities. The amount of loss I have occurred is beyond describable. And the mental damage? After the accusations broke out, I could only look at the floor if I left my house, and I haven’t been able to sleep for weeks. I am emotionally appealing my case, but the anonymous person’s post is the truth?

My lawyer and agency never pressured you for money. If that came across as a threat, how are we supposed to communicate with you, residing overseas and hiding your identity? You contacted my lawyer first through your acquaintance and asked for a settlement first. Why did you send your apology through your acquaintance and then ask my lawyer for his opinion? I don’t understand why you would change your opinion. Just like how after you posted the accusations, it wasn’t someone else’s volition, it was yours. And then you wanted to settle, and then changed to not settling.

Don’t blame your dismissal due to your insincerity or on other people. I know very well that if this topic is continued to be gossiped about, I will also be harmed. I am a person too.

Dear accomplice. I think you will know best why you keep talking like that. Now that everything is pointless, thank you for allowing me to respond from the same position as you. I don’t want to make the people precious to me and my agency suffer anymore. I tried to maintain a minimal level of dignity, but I am a human too and I keep getting attacked, so I am letting go of everything so I can protect myself. I will chase down the accuser and the malicious commenters right to the end.

— Jo Byung Gyu

Jo Byung Gyu was accused of bullying students during his middle school days, and while he denied such claims, more accusations by anonymous netizens surfaced. He denied more of the claims, however, the accusations continued to target him.

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