Actor Jo Byung Kyu Is Determined To Enlist In The Army Despite Failing Physical Exam

This was his third time taking the exam.

Actor Jo Byung Kyu recently gained attention for demonstrating his strong desire to enlist as an active-duty soldier.

Jo Byung Kyu | @bk_arta/Instagram

In South Korea, all men with Korean citizenship must serve in the military. They must take a physical examination, which tests their physical and psychological condition and determines their physical grades from Grades 1 to 6. Typically, Grades 1 through 3 result in active-duty service, and Grade 4 leads to alternative civilian service. Grade 5 is reserved for public service workers, and exemptions begin from Grade 6.

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According to OSEN, Jo Byung Kyu received a grade 4 in his first physical examination when he was 20, and he recently received a Grade 7, which meant he was rejected but subject to a reexamination.

A Grade 7 meant that Jo Byung Kyu was rejected but subject to a reexamination, and he plans to undergo a reexamination to enlist as an active-duty soldier. Despite having some time before he reaches the enlistment age, he plans to enlist in the second half or toward the end of 2024, showing his strong desire to join the army.


Jo Byung Kyu’s agency shared that he had received a Grade 3 and was planning on going to the army but that his physical grade had changed recently. He plans on getting treatment so that he can pass the examination.

He received a Grade 4 at the age of 20. He decided to enlist as an active-duty soldier after receiving a Grade 3 at the age of 25. However, he received a Grade 7 in the pre-enlistment examination, so he will undergo treatment, retake the test, and enlist as an active-duty soldier.

— HB Entertainment

Jo Byung Kyu gained recognition as an actor through the popular K-Dramas Sky Castle (2018), Hot Stove League (2019), and The Uncanny Encounter (2021). However, at the peak of his career, he faced controversy when he was accused of being a school violence perpetrator.

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