Actor Jo Byung Gyu Put On Hold For Variety Show “Come Back Home”

KBS released an official statement

Actor Jo Byung Gyu was reported to have stepped down from KBS2‘s upcoming new variety program, Come Back Home. On February 26, 2021, a representative from the broadcast station told Sports Chosun that KBS2 had decided on Jo Byung Gyu’s leave from the show, given the pressure they felt thanks to the school violence controversy that has been surrounding the actor.

Previously, Jo Byung Gyu had already released an interview video for the show. MC Yoo Jae Suk was also slated for the show, bringing much anticipation.

However, as Jo Byung Gyu’s controversy continued to remain unresolved, many viewers began posting on KBS’s Viewers Board to ask for his withdrawal. As of 2pm on February 26, the petition has over 2930 members in support. As per rules, if any petition has 1000 supporters over 30 days, the representatives must reply directly.

KBS2 soon released an official statement to address the issue. They have placed him “on hold“. Representatives stated, “As the legal judgement on his case is delayed, it is unfair to push forth with a cast member’s appearance on the show before a final judgement is released. Ultimately, we have decided to put MC Jo Byung Gyu on hold.

They hope for the truth to prevail soon. Jo Byung Gyu’s agency has yet to release a statement.