Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin invested in buildings near each other in Itaewon

The lead actors of last year’s hit drama It’s Okay, It’s Love, Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, invest in buildings near each other at Itaewon, Seoul.

Reportedly, the two buildings stand near by each other at Itaewon. This has nabbed the public’s attention as the two have been at the center of dating rumours when they were seen in a cafe at Itaewon together last year.

On February 17th, a realty dealer mentioned that Jo In Sung acquired his building in January of 2012 that costed him 3million and 50 thousand won. His building, which is located at the entrance of Itaewon’s hot place, Kyung Li Dan street, is occupied with a famous cafe and a Thai restaurant on the first floor as well as offices on second and third floors. The cafe, managed by the actor’s younger brother, has established itself as a popular place to visit in Itaewon as Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung were spotted there once. Currently the building is worth around 4 million won.

The realty dealer further noted that Gong Hyo Jin has bought a building not so far away from that of Jo In Sung. The actress has paid 3 million 700 thousand won for the building located at Comme De Garçon street in April of 2013. The building has a stylish outlook as it has been used by a design company. Each floor is occupied with studio apartments for residential or office purposes, while the top fifth floor was recently launched as personal training centre as well. The building is further noted for its location near TS Entertainment’s agency building.

Meanwhile, the two actors have been busy after the completion of the drama. While, Gong Hyo Jin alongside Kang Hye Jung have recently wrapped up their production for the play Educating RitaJo In Sung has recently renewed the contract with his current agency IOK Company.

Source: Money Today