(★BREAKING) Jo Jung Suk and Gummy Are Getting Married

They’re getting married!

An exclusive from Ilgan Sports has reported that actor Jo Jung Suk and singer Gummy will be getting married in the fall.


The couple have been dating since 2013, but their relationship was not revealed until 2015.

Singer Gummy and actor Jo Jung Suk revealed to be dating for 2 years


A source with knowledge of the situation commented on the marriage of the two stars.

“The representative long-term couple in Jo Jung Suk and Gummy will be getting married this fall. The exact date will be determined after a meeting between the two families”


Jo Jung Suk has confirmed the news in a short but simple statement.

“We plan on getting married in the fall. Right now I’m filming for Hit and Run Unit so we haven’t been able to decide on a wedding date or venue yet. We’ll have a happy marriage with beautiful love.” — Jo Jung Suk


Jo Jung Suk and Gummy have been very open about their relationship, with Jo Jung Suk thanking her for the support she gave him while he was extremely busy filming his drama Two Cops at the MBC Drama Awards.

Gummy isn’t shy to talk about Jo Jung Suk either, saying she wouldn’t regret going public with her relationship with him if she had to go back in time.


Jo Jung Suk is currently starting up production for his upcoming films Hit and Run Unit and Exit. His movie The Drug King is set to premiere in Winter 2018.


Gummy has been active as a singer still, holding concerts around South Korea and appearing on Mnet‘s variety show The Call.

Source: Ilgan Sports and MyDaily