Jo Jung Suk And Gummy Write Letters To Their Fans After Announcing Their Marriage

Both apologized about their wedding news…!

Actor Jo Jung Suk and singer Gummy each responded to the news of their upcoming wedding this fall by writing letters to the fans who have been supportive of their relationship and careers.


Jo Jung Suk addressed his official fan cafe and explained he had not been able to announce his plans to get married as the details weren’t solid. He apologized for not being the first person to let his fans know.

“Guys, this is Jo Jung Suk. What a surprise this morning, right? I was surprised by the news too. First, I want to apologize that I wasn’t the first to bring you guys the good news. Sorry you had to learn about it through articles. I decided to write because I want to talk about one of the most important decisions of my life with my fans who love and support me no matter what. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I also feel like this will help me become a better actor. I’m excited and nervous at the thought of spending the rest of my life not by myself, but with someone else. I haven’t sorted out the details yet, which is why I hadn’t shared the news just yet, but I will be getting married this year. I decided to propose to the person who stayed by my side and supported me for the past five years. She is going to make me a better person. I know you weren’t expecting to hear about it so out of the blue, but I’d appreciate your blessing. As a hard-working family man, I’ll continue to interact with you through good TV shows and movies. I promise to try my best to become more mature and a more responsible actor. I’m currently working on shooting the Hit and Run Unit. We’re almost done with filming. I’ve been well, thanks to you guys. I’ll check back in once the shoot is over. Please stay healthy and happy until then. Sending you good energies! Thank you.” — Jo Jung Suk


Gummy also uploaded a personal statement on her official fan cafe. She thanked her loyal fans for supporting her decision through all these years.

“Hey everyone, it has been a while since I wrote. I see all of you at concerts so often that I forgot to write. I’m terribly sorry. I know today’s news surprised a lot of you. Even as I write this letter, slowly one word at a time, I become more cautious to discuss it. But as you have found out through the articles, I will be getting married soon. I do not know all that well what it means, but I decided I want it. [Jo Jung Suk] has been my comfort and my motivation for a long time now. He taught me a lot of things and helped me realize a lot of things too. I’m forever grateful that I got to meet him. I’m also grateful that you all encouraged me and supported my decisions all this time. This is undoubtedly going to bring big changes to my life, but I will stay grounded. I will work hard to keep my family happy. And from these changes and experiences, I will make music that is relatable. I will continue to interact and communicate with you all through my voice. I’ll fill you in on the details soon. Thank you.” — Gummy


Fans are thrilled to hear this couple of five years will finally tie the knot.

Congratulations to Jo Jung Suk and Gummy!

Source: SE Daily and Sports Chosun