Jo Kwon Teases Possible Full Team Comeback For 2AM Next Year

We can’t let them go even if we die!

Jo Kwon has been active once again in the entertainment industry, ever since his discharge from the army. As many fans know, back in 2017, he had parted ways from JYP Entertainment before leaving for the army the next year. Although he had left the company, he had promised that 2AM was not disbanded, although there was no news of the talented group for years.

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Jo Kwon appeared on  SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show on the 27th of July, talking about his current musical activities with Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. He was elated over the positive reactions to the musical, and that his appearance dates have been increased due to the good response.

| SBS Cultwo Show

Upon being asked when the audience could get to see Jo Kwon’s balladeer side again, Jo Kwon revealed that Jinwoon would be discharged from the army the coming October. He then teased the possibility of a comeback, saying that perhaps around next year, 2AM would be able to promote as a full team.

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Currently, Jo Kwon has moved to Cube Entertainment, Lim Seulong is under Jellyfish Entertainment, Jeong Jinwoon under Mystic Story Entertainment while Lee Changmin is operating his own one man agency.

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Their hit song, “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”, was released in 2010, a whole ten years ago. The song gave them their first win on Inkigayo. Ten years later, the song is still a beloved one for those that love ballads. Take a listen to the song below, and stay tuned for any news on this exciting possibility.

Source: TV Daily