Haters Made Fun Of Jo Kwon For Dressing Like A Woman, Here’s What He Said

Jo Kwon still felt the need to explain himself after dressing up as a woman, and his latest SNS posts proved just that. 

On February 11, Jo Kwon posted two updates onto his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts. Both posts expressed his feelings towards the reactions he received after he dressed up as Beyoncé on Mnet’s Golden Tambourine. 

Jo Kwon’s initial statements emphasized the performance as him just being a live performer, not a drag queen. Another one of his recent updates on Instagram also shared these same sentiments.

No one can make decisions for me.

As someone who respects the people of the world, I do my best to prepare stages that have various meanings. Whether it be through cross-dressing, ballads, or powerful dances, I can show myself off as Jo Kwon, not just Kkab Kwon. I think everyone understood what I meant when I said I was not a drag queen. I think i’m still lacking in areas that I can’t be an artistic drag queen. And also, my profession is to be a singer, not a drag queen. But since I want shine a light on the stars I respect, I believe in myself and show off my performances. Obviously there will be people who look at me in a bad light, but that’s just my personality. I believe in myself, a person who enjoys the moment rather than frowning.

I was born this way don’t be a drag just be a queen/king.

– Jo Kwon

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He also posted two photos on his personal Twitter account, one of which captioned, “I was born this way. Don’t be a drag, just be a queen/king.” 

An image of a quote in Korean was also included.


The life your parents want,
Is not one where the society acknowledges you,
It’s a life that you really want to live,
A life that is meaningful to yourself,
That kind of life is okay.
Where the people surrounding you can’t pull you apart
It’s not like you can live my life for me?
You may be lacking courage and my heart is weak
And when asked, you’ll say ‘Is that really possible?’,
But even still, you can laugh.
Others may break away, or, on an unknown road,
Go that way because many others are doing the same.
It’s a law that you should be discouraged from doing that.
You will take full responsibilities for my choices.
If you have a clear mind,
You won’t need to listen too much to other people.
Follow what your heart says.
Please have expectations for the people around you
While we are all the same species, our lives are different,
You are holding the steering wheel to my life.
Gain courage to live life as your own master.
I will sincerely pray for you. Fighting!

– Jokwon

This was not the first time that Jo Kwon dressed up and performed as a woman. On the same program, he got many positive reactions for his performance of SISTAR’s “Touch My Body”.

You can catch his performance of “Crazy In Love” below.

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