Jo Kwon Reveals The Outrageous High Heels He Received From Bang Si Hyuk As A Gift

They’re no ordinary heels.

On the new MBC variety show, Phone Cleansing, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon revealed his collection of photos for everyone to see.

And the highlight was his collection of high-heeled shoes.

In particular, Jo Kwon introduced his red heels and shared a story about how he came to wear those in the military.

I wore the red heels for my audition for the musical, ‘Jamie.’ A notice came out when I was in the military. I knew I’d regret it if I lost the opportunity. So I practiced by myself in the military. I brought my heels around instead of my combat boots and practiced.

— Jo Kwon

In addition, Jo Kwon pointed out one of the more unique-looking heels and revealed them to have been a gift from Bang Si Hyuk.

He described them as a pair of heels that he cherishes very much and shared the behind-the-scenes story.

Producer Bang Si Hyuk gifted them to me when he produced my first solo album, ‘Animal.’ One day, he sent me a photo. They’re 19.5-centimeter high heels with no heels. He told me he thought it’d be cool if I vogued in them, so I remember performing in them.

— Jo Kwon

In a past interview, Jo Kwon spoke up about his gender identity and how Bang Si Hyuk accepted him for who he is.

He also shared that Bang Si Hyuk gifted him with a pair of heels, but who would’ve thought they’d be so unique?

Now that’s what you call a pair of heels!

Source: News1