Jo Kwon Claps Back at Netizen Accusing Him of Clubbing in Itaewon, Claims He Was Watching “The World of the Married” Instead

“Do you think I’m a joke?” – Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon recently lashed out at a malicious comment accusing him of clubbing in Itaewon on the night a confirmed case of COVID-19 visited 5 clubs in Itaewon.

In one of Jo Kwon’s recent posts, a netizen commented,

Explain why you went clubbing last week.

– Netizen

And Jo Kwon didn’t hold back in refuting the netizen’s groundless claim.

Sorry, but I never went! I should sue you. I’m going to capture your Instagram and hand it over to the cyber investigation team for defamation. Have I been going to easy on you? Do you think I’m a joke?

– Jo Kwon

He continued,

I’ve been so tolerant of these things lately that everyone’s demanding that I explain all sorts of things. Are you happy I respond, Sir?

– Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon even shared what he was actually doing that night instead of clubbing during social distancing measures in Korea.

I was at home watching ‘The World of the Married’, thank you very much.

– Jo Kwon

Not only did Jo Kwon refute the accusation, but he also revealed what he was actually doing, which many of us could relate to, gaining much attention from fans.


After his refreshing clap-back, Jo Kwon even added,

It’s sad thinking that you’re probably snickering at the fact that I actually showed interest in your comment.

– Jo Kwon

If anything, there’s one clear message to take away from this.

Don’t mess with Jo Kwon!