Jo Kwon Reveals He Doesn’t Miss JYP One Bit

“I don’t miss him.”

Jo Kwon revealed on Radio Star that he doesn’t miss JYP since leaving him for Cube Entertainment.

According to Cha Tae Hyun, Jo Kwon said that it felt as if he “finally returned to his father’s embrace.

But Jo Kwon clarified that it was more so because 2 AM’s management was different than other groups.

“When we debuted with ‘This Song’, we signed under JYP Entertainment but we were managed was Cube Entertainment. So we had two labels.”

That’s why he felt as if he was returning to his other father when he signed with Cube Entertainment just a few months ago.

“Our group had two fathers.”

When he was asked if he missed JYP, Jo Kwon flatly responded, “I don’t miss him.

He emphasized that there isn’t any bad blood between Park Jin Young and him.

“Even before I transferred to a new company, I had dinner with [Park Jin Young].

I told him I was moving to Cube, but all he did was brag about their new company building for an hour.”

— Jo Kwon

JYP purchased a brand new building for their label.

Watch Jo Kwon’s confession below: