Jo In Sung in talks to make movie comeback with “The King”

News has it that actor Jo In Sung is being positively considered to join the cast for the upcoming Korean movie, The King.

Korean news site THE FACT got in touch with Jo In Sung’s agency IOK Company through a phone call, who revealed, “Jo In Sung is making an appearance in The King. The contract has yet to be finalized, but it is nearly confirmed.”

A few days ago, there were rumors spreading that Jo In Sung might be acting in the Korean Avengers movie Trace, but in fact he received a love call for The King instead. Both Trace and The King are going to be produced by director Han Jae Rim, hence the confusion.

The King will be a story about a prosecutor’s struggles, where Jo In Sung is being positively considered to be the main lead with a huge role in the film. Shall the actor be given the role in the movie, this will be Jo In Sung’s first movie in seven years with his last movie being A Frozen Flower in 2008, a historical film where he acted alongside Song Ji Hyo and Joo Jin Mo.

Many are having high expectations of his acting in the upcoming movie, as his works, namely That Winter, The Wind Blows and It’s Okay, That’s Love, always became a hit ever since he signed with IOK Company.

The King is expected to finalize its cast list soon and is scheduled to start filming in the later half of the year.

Source: THE FACT and newsen