Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Can’t Stop Gushing About BTS

They’re ARMY!

The Jonas Brothers and DNCE‘s Joe Jonas and his wife, actress Sophie Turner can’t stop praising BTS!

Joe Jonas (left) and Sophie Turner (right) | @sopiet/Instagram


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner held a live broadcast via TikTok. One viewer asked what group was their favorite boy band, considering Joe himself is in one.

What about current boy bands?

— Joe Jonas

Joe began by giving BTS as an example of a current boy band. Yet, he stopped there, realizing he had found his answer.

I’m talking about like BTS… Who else is there? There’s no one else. It’s just BTS.

— Joe Jonas

Sophie gave her husband’s band a SO but still ultimately chose BTS. Both she and Joe couldn’t stop praising their dancing.

Sophie Turner: There’s The Jonas Brothers, but I can’t choose you.

Joe Jonas: It’s BTS!

Sophie Turner: BTS, honestly… Their dancing. OMG. They’re amazing.

Joe Jonas: They’re incredible dancers.

Joe is definitely a proud member of BTS’s fandom, ARMY. In fact, the whole Jonas family is! The Jonas Brothers have spoken about their admiration for BTS on many occasions.

Like the rest of his brothers, Joe was especially excited to see BTS perform at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Still, like a true fan, he even came up to them during his own performance.

You can read about even more times when Joe Jonas cemented his ARMY status below.

Joe Jonas Cements His Status As ARMY, Proving He’s A True BTS Fanboy

Watch the video clip below.

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