Nick Jonas Says BTS’s Freedom As A Group Is Rare

He thinks both BTS’s individual and group performances are cool.

Nick Jonas recently did an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1, where he remembered BTS performing at the Rose Bowl, as part of the group’s world tour back in 2019.

Since Nick is both a solo artist, and is part of The Jonas Brothers with brothers Joe and Kevin Jonas, he was asked about his writing process, and how he knows whether the song being written is for himself or for the group.

Nick remarked that people find it surprising that he does both, and that individual and group activities can coexist seamlessly. He then recalled watching BTS in California, and complimented the rare freedom that they have as a group.

It was cool to see them kind of doing their individual songs and then coming back as a group and doing their songs together.

– Nick Jonas

BTS receives acknowledgment for many things, but it is interesting to also consider how flawlessly they work as both a group and individual members within that group.

Check out a segment of the interview below.


Source: Celebrity Page


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