John Cena Offers His Services As BTS’s Bodyguard

John Cena as BTS’s bodyguard?

John Cena has once again proved his love for BTS, by offering his services as a bodyguard for the group, complete with a reference to his signature line of “you can’t see me”.


The professional wrestler and American celebritiy has been a public BTS fan for 5 months, ever since he posted this photo of J-Hope on his Instagram.

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He even talks about his experience as a BTS fan in his own interviews.


BTS and ARMY may need his services, if the latest airport mobbing incident is any indication.


Upon arriving in Taiwan recently, a group of girls followed BTS from the airport entrance, through the VIP tunnel, to the exit, and beyond it, in very close proximity — which created a very dangerous situation for the band and their other fans.

Taiwanese Fans Criticized For Mobbing BTS At The Airport


With their upcoming tour, they may need John Cena’s skill set and passion for BTS to stay safe.

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If anything, it would make for some hilarious Bangtan Bomb content!